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For more than three decades, JSB has earned the trust of the elderly and young audience alike. Anticipating the needs of the prospects and developing wellness equipment with an exemplary customer service is our niche.

Made for Indians

When it comes to personalized products, no one solution can be the answer to all the problems. Especially, in a vast country like India it’s a real challenge to understand the specific needs of the audience. We address this challenge by designing and developing products that best suit the physique of Indians.

Pan-India Service Network

We have a reputation among our audience for excellent customer service. With a pan-India service network, we make sure your experience with JSB products remains seamless. Besides providing a 1-year warranty for all our products, we also offer an out-of-warranty service.

Personalized Guidance

Given our wide product range, sometimes you might feel overwhelmed. That’s why we have an expert team to guide you in choosing the best product for your needs. Also, we have "Wellness Assistant," a feature in our online store that guides you in choosing our products as per your needs.

Result-oriented Products

We promise you realistic outcomes through our products. The immediate benefit will be relief of pain and soreness. Long-term benefits include improving overall health, better sleep quality, reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, and improved blood circulation.

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