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Foot Massage Machine JSB HF28 for Pain Relief

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Magnetic for Smooth Cycling

Foot Massage Machine for Reflexology Acupressure Massage

The JSB HF28 foot massage machine provides foot acupressure and reflexology to relieve foot pain in no time. The relaxing foot massage helps release stress and induce better sleep patterns.

Quick Launch

Kneading + Foot Roller

The foot massage machine works on kneading and foot roller principles. The kneading pads grip the foot or calves muscles and the foot rollers keep massaging the foot soles.

Ideally Suited for Homes or Offices

Heavy Duty Copper Motor

JSB HF28 is a heavy built and long lasting foot massage machine. It has been a preferred choice amongst both youngsters and elderly for relieving foot pain.

Multiple Uses of the Foot Massage Machine

Multipurpose Foot Massage Machine

The foot massage machine can be used as a multi-purpose massager where in it can be used to massage the calves muscles and for a relaxing arms massage as well.

Two Vibration Speed with Timer

Washable Foot Covers

The foot cloth of the foot massage machine are removable and washable thus it provides ideal hygiene and cleanliness, especially when it is being used by multiple users.

JSB Service Promise

JSB Service Promise

JSB provides door step service for its foot massager machine. In case you face any concern in using the product, just feel free to contact a JSB Customer Care executive to get resolution quickly.

Product description

About Foot Massage Machine JSB HF28 for Pain Relief


Q1) What is a foot massage machine for pain relief with heat ?

A1) Kneading is a massage technique  based on the principles of acupuncture and it involves applying pressure on the aching muscles with hands. The same hand pressure is being replicated by the JSB HF28 Foot Massage Machine for pain relief.

Q2) What is the warranty on the JSB HF28 Foot Massage machine for pain relief ?

A2) All JSB products come with a standard 1 Year On Site Warranty with the option to buy extendable warranty from the brand.

Q3) Do I get free doorstep delivery and installation?

A3) We deliver all products to pan India serviceable pin codes free of cost. JSB engineers help you to install the product and assist you in case you need further support.

Conclusion of JSB HF28 Foot Massage Machine for Pain Relief 

The JSB HF28 Foot Massage Machine for Pain Relief is the best for relieving the pain in the calves, ankle and foot sole. The blood circulation is the most important part of every body process. So here JSB HF28 foot massage machine for pain relief helps you out with better blood circulation in feet and calves.

Having a whole long day makes our feet tired more than anything. The pain in the feet is the most suffering part of our body which needs stimulating natural blood flow to the feet. Moreover your foot will feel relaxed and it will acupressure the points for the whole body.

It Makes a different sense why to buy this product only when you have pain in your feet. JSB takes care of general healthcare too and this product of ours is also a part of your general healthcare. 

Let's go with the other benefits you will get from the JSB HF28. The JSB HF28 is an influential tool to massage the area where the pain you have or the general massage you want in the feet, calves, thighs or arms. It is having the squeezing function which behaves constructively to assuage the muscular pain. It is very easy to use and carry off. You can hang on yourself anywhere, and just plug it in and take a massage while sitting in an easy position.  

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