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orthopedic heating pad belt jsb h10
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Orthopedic Heating Pad with Belt (Free Size) JSB H10
knee heating pad electric jsb h11
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Knee Heating Pad Electric JSB H11
frozen shoulder heating pad belt jsb h15
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Frozen Shoulder Heating Pad Belt (Free Size - Use on Either Shoulders) JSB H15
heating belt orthopedic jsb h04
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Heating Belt Orthopedic JSB H04 (Size : XL, 30cm X 21.25cm)
Sciatica Pain Relief Products
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Sciatica Pain Relief Products Combo : LS Belt with Heating Pad
heating belt knee heating pad combo
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Lumbar heating belt JSB H10 with Knee heating belt JSB H11 combo
Pad with JSB BS55 Lumbar Support Belt combo
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Lumbar Heating Pad JSB H10 with Lumbar Support Belt combo JSB BS55
knee cap heating pad
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Knee Pain Relief Products Combo : Knee Cap with Knee Heating Pad

Buy Heating Pads Online at JSB Healthcare

A heating pad is a wonderful tool for providing comfort and relief to different areas of the body. It works by gently warming up the affected areas, helping to alleviate any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing. Heat applied to a specific area causes the blood vessels to expand, which in turn improves blood flow to the targeted tissue. Heat can activate the sensory receptors in our bodies, providing a soothing effect on irritated nerve endings and promoting better blood circulation to the affected area. Heat therapy is great for quickly reducing muscle tension and improving tissue elasticity. It also helps to get rid of any unwanted elements in the body.

A heating pad is a great option for finding relief from discomfort in your back and neck. Using heat can be beneficial in providing relief for muscles that have been overworked or strained.

Choosing a high-quality heating pad can provide effective relief for muscle or joint pain in the comfort of your own home. A heating pad or heating belt is a comforting device wrapped in soft fabric that offers quick relief from various types of aches.

Benefits of Using Heating Pads and Heating Belts

Heating pads are great for use because of their mobility and durability. Due to their compact size, these heating pads are portable and may be easily carried along while travel.


Elderly individuals often encounter discomfort or rigidity in different areas of their bodies. Giving them heating pads enables them to manage their discomfort without having to see a doctor whenever they experience anxiety.

While heating belts and heating pads are extremely effective in treating a wide range of aches, the following are the most common:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle injuries
  • Muscle cramps
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Tissue injuries
  • Aching joints

Which heating pad is best?

A heating pad has been observed to have a wide variety of applications, including the reduction of aches and pains, the relief of cramps, and the warming of feet as well.  Aside from having twice as many heat settings and a faster warming time, the heating pads also offer an easier-to-grasp and -operate backlit controller and were generally the favorite among users.

Various heating therapies, such as a heating pad for back pain, a heating pad for period cramps, a heating pad for pain relief, a heat belt for back pain relief, and so on, can be utilized with the warmth of the heating belt.

JSB Healthcare has different types of Heating Pads and Belts. Mentioned below are the types - 

  • Electric Heating Pad JSB H03
  • Lumbar Heating Pad JSB H10 with Lumbar Support Belt 
  • Neck Heating Pad Massager JSB HF71 with Heating Pad JSB H04 combo
  • Knee Cap JSB BS61 with Knee Heating Pad JSB H11 combo
  • Lumbar heating belt JSB H10 with Knee heating belt JSB H11 combo
  • LS Belt JSB BS55 with Heating Pad JSB H04 Combo

Is the heating belt good and worth the money?

Because of its flexibility, the heating belt is an excellent choice for use as a knee massager for the treatment of joint discomfort, backaches, sprains, muscle pulls, and other similar conditions. It is recommended that dry heat treatments be used with this heat belt for pain alleviation. 

The belts have been orthopedically proven to be effective and offer the highest level of support. The specialized Belt is designed to particularly target the pains in your body, and it offers the required support to keep your body in the correct alignment and to ease any discomfort you may be experiencing. The secure grips and belts guarantee that the belt remains immobile in position.

Are Heating Pads safe to use?

Using the heating pads is completely risk-free in every way. The belt and pads both contain multiple layers of insulation, which ensures that there is no possibility of the belt or pads overheating. Using it daily is completely risk-free and can provide relief from your pain. 

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