JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform
JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform
JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform
JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform

JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform

Rs. 28,500.00 Rs. 19,999.00
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JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform

JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for Full Body Workout Plate Fitness Platform

Rs. 28,500.00 Rs. 19,999.00
Product description

About JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager 

If you are crazy about your fitness then this JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager is absolutely for you.  JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager is a fat burning and slimming machine not just for it but this massager is a complete set for your workout. It is designed according to our modern day lifestyle which can be used at home and office. We work so hard for our present and future and our health is the first that affects us the most.

And working for too long and not having time for yourself self health care may cause some serious health problems like loss of stamina, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and many more. According to the survey they say, if you want a healthy life for a long run then 15-30 minutes of exercise per day is a must. Because of the workload we didn't even get time to walk for such minutes which is not even regular and safe outside. Because of our JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager you can do your workout and further exercises according to your preference.


Benefits of HF14 Crazy Fit Massager 

 If you are seriously interested in doing a workout then this can be your first choice. JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager is the best choice for you. It helps in slimming your body + massager. It is a professional weight loss machine. For shaping up your body the machine works on oscillation technology which has successfully worked for millions of people to lose weight and shape up their body. 

 The JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager works with the power adapter. It's features are so easy to use as all features are available on the panel in the front. Where you can go with the auto modes like b1 , p2 or p3 and press a tk start it up. You can choose the speed from 1 to 99 levels. Where you can be able fill in some details of yourself and see your BMI on the LED display while working out. You can select 1 for male and 2 for female. 

 In JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager you can try the horse having position by keeping your both legs on one side of the machine or you can keep one leg on the machine and bend forward and can see the thigh muscle shake off excess fat. This workout really helps your high muscle fat to lose and shape up. 

 Another workout with JSB HF14, you can sit on the Crazy Fit Massager to get a marvelous back massage which helps in back pain and blood circulation. With it you can lift yourself on two hands to workout your shoulders. This helps in building strong shoulders. 

 Similarly, JSB HF 14 Crazy Fit Massager can be used as a routine workout which can be done for the stomach, Arms and thighs. This JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager for workout will work for you as a multiple workout. Where this machine can be used by anyone in your family. 

Fat Burning Exercise at Home

The Crazy Fit Massager is a body-toning machine which helps melt accumulated fat by workout at home. Don't worry if you are unable to attend gym, all you need is a 20 minutes workout on this machine everyday to keep in shape.

Powerful Oscillatory Motor

The weight loss machine comes with powerful oscillatory motor that helps in burning calories in minutes. Using it daily for 20 minutes not only helps in weight loss but also fills you with higher levels of energy and improves metabolism.

Multiple Workouts with One Machine

The anti-slip footrests and wide plate of this JSB crazy fit power plate allows you to perform various workout with just one machine. Whether you want to workout in standing or sitting position, the Crazy Fit Massager machine allows you to do you favourite exercises easily.

Target Specific Fat Zones

The body workout machine lets you target a specific muscle group of your body. The machine works best for fat burning around belly, hips, arms, thighs, etc and is perfect for a good engaging home workout session and fat loss gyming experience.

Your Family Fitness Machine

This family healthcare machine can be almost everyone is the family. This Home Gym Crazy Fit Massager is perfect for adults and elderly. But should be avoided by pregnant ladies and people with history of heart disease or chronic joint disorder.

JSB Service Promise

We at JSB understand that when you buy a massager for your loved ones, you want it last for years. That is why, we have doorstep engineer visit facility in all metro cities and nearby towns. In non-metro cities, we provide free pick up and drop service for service of products.

Technical Specification :

Model : JSB HF14
Material : Alloy Steel
Power Source : Corded Electric
Product Benefits : Blood Flow Control
Style : Contemporary 
Power Consumption : 300W
Maximum Weight Capacity : 100Kg
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 31.5 Kilograms
Dimensions : 24.8 x 73 x 116.2 cm; 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) :

Q1) What is a JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager ?
A1)Crazy Fit Massager for complete Body Workout it is very effective in Oscillation massage to Aid Weight Loss and As An Exercise For Whole Family . With a Wide Plate for Exercising the Whole Body and Anti Slip Footrests Boosts Energy and Blood Circulation & burn Calories in Minutes.

Q2) What is the warranty on the JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager ?
A2) All JSB products come with a standard 1 Year On Site Warranty with the option to buy extendable warranty from the brand.

Q3) Do I get free doorstep delivery and installation?
A3) We deliver all products to pan India serviceable pin codes free of cost. JSB engineers help you to install the product and assist you in case you need further support.

Q4) Where is it manufactured? What are its benefits ?

A4)  It is assembled in New Delhi. It provides back and neck pain relief . Very effective for back aches and cervical aches, joint and muscle pain therapy, improves blood circulation, relax and rejuvenates you after massage, improves flexibility .

Q5) Does this work ? You don’t have to do any movements in this?
A5)Yes this works and you can do various movements. Please check the video on YouTube.

Q6) Difference between HF14 and HF57?
A6)HF57 is a 3D vibration powerplate which has works on swing,shake and oscillation feature whereas HF 14 works only on oscillation.Moreover HF 57 is compact and quite easy to carry from one place the another whereas HF14 occupies more space and not easy to shift.

Q7) Can only ladies use this machine ?
A7) It can be used byu both mens and womens.

Q8) It helps in weight loss ?
A8)Yes, it is an full body oscillation massager which helps in weight loss.

Q9) What is the capacity of the motor on this massager in HP ? is it a 1.5 or 2 HP motor ? can it take 180kgs weight?
A9)It has got a 1.5HP motor and maximum weight capacity if 100 kgs. It can not take 180 kgs weight.

Q10) What is the maximum speed?
A10)It has got 99 level of speed.

Q11) What are the return and replacement policies ?

A11) If you receive the product in broken or damage condition then kindly intimate us on our customer care 8010402110 Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm within 3 days of receiving the product. We will arrange the pick up and replacement. In case you do not like the product and want to return it. You need to courier the product to our New Delhi address within 7 days of purchase at your own expense. Note -Return courier charge is to be borne by customer. We will only refund the product value.

Conclusion of JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager 

The JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager is a machine for your home gym. It is really helpful for the people who are working for long hours in their offices and they didn't get the time to go to the gym. Using it for 20-30 minutes daily will help you in burning calories, weight loss where it also helps to lose fat in the specific target zones. It can be used by almost everyone in the house from adults to elderly. It's a multipurpose workout machine where you can do your favorite workout anytime you want. 

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