Cervical Collar Soft for neck pain relief
Cervical Collar Soft for neck support
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Cervical Collar Soft relieves cervical neck pain

Cervical Collar Soft JSB BS06

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Product description

About Cervical Collar Soft JSB BS06

Cervical Collar Soft JSB BS06 is a commonly used rehabilitation aid for supporting or immobilizing the neck region in cases of cervical spondylitis or general stiffness/sprain in the neck region. Its soft cushioned material gives relaxation to the user with contoured chin support.

Benefits of Cervical Collar Soft JSB BS06

  • Perfect elasticity, breathable material, and ideal support.
  • Cervical Collar Soft is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in an elevated position and is recommended where a partial or controlled immobilization of the cervical region is required
  • Neck height 105 millimeters
  • Correct your neck posture - Use this cervical collar soft, wear it for 1 hour every day, and use it consistently, you can restore your neck to a normal healthy posture.
  • Ergonomic Structural Designed -3-layer load-bearing structure allows the cervical vertebra to receive a good support release pressure.
  • Relieve your pain during the night - The comfortable cervical collar soft can be used at night, giving you a comfortable and stable night, and preventing you from insomnia due to neck uncomfortable at night.
  • Relieve your pain during the day -The soft and comfortable cervical collar soft can relieve the discomfort caused by your shoulder and neck pain when you work.
  • Breathable & soft neck brace-The breathable and soft cervical collar can relieve the pain of your neck and move freely at the same time, which will not impede your activities at all.
  • Includes 1 piece cervical collar soft
  • 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Available sizes: Neck Height 

  • Small 75 mm (3") 
  • Medium 90 mm (3.6") 
  • Large 105 mm (4.2")

Please mention your size along with the order.

Doctors suggest cervical collars soft to their patients for quick relief of spondylitis.



Product reviews

Q) What isCervical Collar Soft?

A) Acervical collaris a neck brace for supporting neck which limits the movement of your neck while providing you with support and can also provide some pain relief. Cervical collars are required for multiple reasons, the most common being for fracture management in the neck (broken bone) and the collar is used for management of the fracture, it can also be used for support pre/ post-surgery.The cervical collar will encourage correct spinal alignment and aim to prevent the development of potential further problems.

Q) How to measure ? Is it around neck?

A) Measure the circumference around your neck.

Q) What is the collar height ?A)The height is 9 cm for M size and 10.5 cm for L size.

Q) My height is 68 inch , which size is needed for my neck ?A) Please buy it as per you neck sizeAvailable sizes :

Neck HeightSmall 75 mm (3"), Medium 90 mm (3.6") and Large 105 mm (4.2")

Q) Is this can wore at night sleep ?

A) It is not advisable to wear while night sleep.

Q) Is this product is same as shown in picture ?A) Yes

Q) How long should I wear mycervical collar ?

A) Talk to your doctor, you may have to wear the brace from four weeks up to as long as four or six months. It is important to support and stabilize the neck until it is healed or fused.

Q) If I am wearing acervical collar softfor an injury , how much do I need to restrict my movements ?

A) The cervical collar soft restricts movement, so it is best to avoid any exaggerated movements. When moving about, focus on using your leg and arm muscles to ambulate, keeping your spine in proper alignment.

Q) How can you tell what size is the right one for you ?

A) As  they are available in different sizes. Please be sure to measure the neck circumference and neck height and purchase corresponding products to achieve the bes effect. Conclusion of Cervical Collar Soft JSB BS06If you are suffering from severe neck & cervical Pain then this cervical collar softwill be a superior pain relief & injury supporter for you . OurCervical Collar Soft supports the jaw and neck while limiting mobility to relieve pain and pressure in the spine. Realigning and stabilizing vertebrae, the soft foam collar can be worn throughout the day . It is useful for post-operative rehabilitation and injury support.