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35+ Years in Business

50 Lakhs+ Customers Pan India

20,512+ 5 Star Reviews

Join Hands with JSB

To be part of a +1 billion dollar industry, with profitability and Growing Demand. 


“Choose to join Hands with us to leverage the collective strength of a well-established and reputable network, gaining access to a wider market reach, enhanced marketing support, and shared resources, ultimately fostering business growth and ensuring long-term success.

Jagjot Singh, Founder & MD


Most Awarded Health & Fitness Indian Brand

JSB Over the Past 3 Decades

35+ Years

 in Business 

50+ Lack Customers

We have touched every corner of the country, and served prestigious institutions like American Embassy, Akshardham Mandir, Delhi, Jet Airways, Canon, Shell, Phillips, Birla Tyres and many more. 

100+ Products

 in 6 different category, having catered to over 50 lack+ customers in the past 3 decades.


Healthcare Industry is growing at 35% y.o.y. 


Post Covid, there is a surge in demand for Home-Healthcare Equipment, which we are not able to cater to ourselves. 

After Sales

Our Customers Love Us for the After Sales Service which we provide. 

Why You Should Join Hands with JSB ?

Our healthcare products stand out for their exceptional quality and innovative features, ensuring that as a dealer, you're offering your customers cutting-edge solutions.

  • Hassle Free dealing

  • Safe Margin 

  • Training of Staff by JSB

  • Full Exchange if Products Don't Sell

  • Wellness Store Owner : Income Safety

  • Product Manuals  & Videos by JSB

How You Can Get JSB Distribution ?

Full Range  |  Business From Day 1  |  Brand Support


Within Minimum Investment 
of Rs. 1.5 Lacks



With Minimum Investment 
of Rs. 7.5 Lacks



With Minimum Investment 
of Rs. 15 Lacks


*Applicants must enclose their past sales history and 
geographical coverage area currently and projected. 

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Loved By Over 50 Lakh Customers

Rated 4.4/5 based on 10,120 reviews

Got Questions? We will answer them for you !

Chat with us or call us on 8010402110 (Mon to Sun 11 AM to 7 PM IST)


What are the key benefits of joining JSB distribution network?

When you join the JSB Distribution Network (JDN), you get access to :

1) Get JSB Products at Discounted Prices + Promotional Offers
2) Enquiries coming from your jurisdiction will be forwarded to you.
3) Fulfill ready orders got by us from online portals

4) Training by JSB Team
5) Technical Support & After Sales Support by JSB
6) You get Benefit from Brand Celebrity Endorsement

How does the distribution network operate, and what level of support can I expect as a distributor?

JSB distribution network operates as a symbiotic ecosystem where the brand and its distributors collaborate to efficiently bring products to market. Typically, distributors play a pivotal role in logistics and supply chain management, handling aspects such as order processing, inventory management, and timely product delivery. Territories are often assigned to distributors to optimize market coverage, preventing overlap and ensuring each distributor can focus on a specific geographic area. In terms of support, distributors can expect a comprehensive package. Training programs are commonly provided to equip distributors with in-depth product knowledge and effective selling strategies. Marketing support, including promotional materials and campaigns, helps boost brand visibility and sales. 

Technical assistance ensures that distributors are well-versed in product installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Access to resources such as product information, brochures, and sales materials aids in effective communication with customers. Customer service channels are established for prompt issue resolution. Exclusive promotions or discounts may be offered to incentivize sales, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. Regular communication channels keep distributors informed about new products, market trends, and company updates. Overall, the distribution network operates as a cohesive unit, and the level of support provided ensures that distributors are well-equipped to thrive in their roles and contribute to the brand's success.

What are the specific requirements and qualifications for becoming a distributor in your network?

Support for distributors includes logistical assistance, training, marketing collaboration, and responsive customer service. Close relationships with distributors are maintained to ensure efficient and reliable product distribution. The level of support varies, but generally encompasses comprehensive assistance to facilitate smooth operations throughout the supply chain, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

Can you provide details on the territory or region exclusivity for distributors within your network?

At JSB, we are very clear about protecting our distributor's terittory and prefer to work with companies who have a sound local presense in their geographical area. The distributor can be rest assured that if we have dedicated a territory to the distributor, the business from that are will come to the distributor itself.

What kind of training and onboarding assistance is offered to new distributors?

The training and onboarding assistance provided to new distributors includes the following components:

Product Knowledge: Distributors receive comprehensive training on JSB's product portfolio. This includes information on product features, applications, usage guidelines, and potential benefits.
Regulatory Compliance: Distributors are educated on regulatory requirements and compliance standards relevant to the healthcare products they will be handling. This ensures adherence to industry regulations and quality standards.
Handling and Storage Guidelines: Training covers proper handling, storage, and transportation procedures to maintain the integrity and safety of healthcare products, especially if they have specific temperature or handling requirements.
Customer Service Protocols: Training involves guidelines on providing excellent customer service, addressing inquiries, handling complaints, and managing returns or exchanges.
Marketing and Promotional Support: Distributors may be provided with marketing materials, promotional strategies, and support to effectively market and sell healthcare products within their territories.

Are there any upfront costs or fees associated with joining the distribution network?

At this moment, we do not charge any upfront joining fees and no fixed or hidden fees in involved in joining the JSB Network. All you get is great products at a great price, with even better marketing support. 

How is the pricing structure determined for distributors, and are there discounts based on volume or performance?

The margins depend on the quantities procured and the size of catalog the distributor keeps with them. We believe that if we work hand in hand, we can cover a bigger audience and do much more business together. 

What marketing support and promotional materials are available to distributors to help boost sales?

JSB provides various marketing support and promotional materials to distributors to help boost sales. These resources are designed to enhance the visibility and desirability of the healthcare products among end-users. Some common examples include:

Product Brochures and Catalogs: Informative brochures and catalogs detailing the features, benefits, and applications of healthcare products.
Training Materials: Educational materials for healthcare professionals, helping them understand the proper use and advantages of the products.
Branding Collateral: Logos, banners, and other branding materials to maintain a consistent and recognizable brand image.
Point-of-Sale Displays: Eye-catching displays for pharmacies and healthcare facilities to showcase products and attract attention.
Online Marketing Tools: Digital assets such as banners, social media content, and email templates to support online marketing efforts.
Promotional Merchandise: Branded promotional items, such as pens, notepads, or other useful items, to reinforce brand awareness.
Demo Products : Providing distributors with demo products for healthcare professionals to experience the product's effectiveness firsthand.
Collaborative Marketing Campaigns: Joint marketing campaigns where the brand collaborates with distributors to promote specific products or address particular healthcare needs.

What kind of inventory levels and product availability can distributors expect?

At JSB, we are flexible for the distributor to choose the level of working with us. We have dealers, working on small inventory level. Then, there are wholesalers, who stock more and apparently own a better margin in the supply chain. C&F agents, who generally cater to a bigger audience, some times more than one state, deal in bulk with us. 

Is there a minimum order requirement or sales target that distributors need to meet?

The dealer can get onboard to the JSB Distributor Network with an initial stock investment of Rs. 1.5 lacks. We do not have a sales target, but we will provide leads and marketing support to boost your sales. 

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