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Lumbar heating belt JSB H10 with Knee heating belt JSB H11 combo

Rs. 5,900.00 Rs. 1,899.00
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heating belt knee heating pad combo

Lumbar heating belt JSB H10 with Knee heating belt JSB H11 combo

Rs. 5,900.00 Rs. 1,899.00
Acupressure Foot Mat with Magnets

Expert Back Pain Solution

With JSB H10 you get complete peace of mind with all your lower back and hip pains. You can easily tie it around your waist and do your household work while the heating belt heals your pain with consistent heat.

Quick Launch

Even Spread of Heat

The orthopedic heating belt's heating element is evenly spread throughout the heating area to provide even heating in lumbar area, hips and tailbone.

Ideally Suited for Homes or Offices

Leatherite Outside, Fur Inside

With Leatherite outside, the heating belt does not allow the heat generated to escape. Also, the fur fabric in side keeps it warm, just like a polar bear's furry skin.

Multiple Uses of the Massager

No Plastic Heating Surface

The H10 is a unique orthopedic heating pad, built for durability and long life. Unlike most consumer heating pads available in the market today, H10 does not use plastic heating surface, thus it is much more comfortable and safe to use.

Two Vibration Speed with Timer

No Plastic Heating Surface

JSB BS55 LS Belt is specifically designed to target your lower back, giving it the support it needs to stay properly aligned which helps in relieving pain with its better gripping when you fasten the belt, it’ will not move anywhere.

JSB Service Promise

Free Size Heating Belt

Due to its long velclro extension belt, this heating pad lets users as thin as 24" waist size to as much as 52" to use the heating belt with optimum ease.

Product description

About Lumbar Heating Belt JSB H10 and Knee Heating Belt JSB H11 Combo

Most commonly back pain happens due to poor posture, lack of exercise resulting in stiffening of the spine and weak muscles & muscle strains or sprains. Knee Pain happens because of poor flexibility of the thigh muscles, which support the knee joint. Knee joint is one of the most important joints in our body. JSB will take care of your back & knee so introducing JSB H10 Lumbar Heating Belt and JSB H11 knee Heating Pad . Lumbar Heating Belt helps in reduces pain caused by stiffness &  Knee Heating Pad can helps in improving your knee's flexibility .

JSB H10 Lumbar Heating Belt 

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