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Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India ( JSB HF05 )

Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India ( JSB HF05 )


Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India JSB HF05:

PDS- JSB HF05 Ultra


Haven’t there been times when you wished you could help your grandmother or your father in massaging their legs that are sore because of an arthritis problem? But you are short on time and they cannot go out as often as they would like to for exercising their legs. There are several ailments like diabetes, arthritis and plantar fasciitis that cause foot, heel, calf and knee pain.

These problems are not just restricted to old age since sometimes too much activity or lack of it completely can also develop leg pain at any age. If someone in your family is suffering from a problem of chronic pain in calves, have varicose veins, or any kind of feet pain then JSBHF05 Ultra foot massager will provide immense relief without them having to go anywhere or asking anyone for help. For reducing the swelling and numbness in legs, this massager is the right choice. Using this foot massager can also facilitate a smooth blood flow circulation in legs.

Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India JSB HF05 Solution

The JSBHF05 Ultra leg foot and calf massager provides relief from leg pain by using a different feature for every kind of problem.

  • Rejuvenation- The foot massager gives stress relief to strained muscles and rejuvenates the body, making you feel fresh with its gentle massage. You can enjoy doing your favorite activity at home like reading or watching the TV while getting a foot massage.

  • Helps in blood circulation– The massager helps in enhancing smooth blood circulation in men and women. This is very helpful for people having a problem of varicose veins, foot pain, calf pain, arthritis, diabetes, and knee pain. The kneading, vibration, and foot rolling features aid in improving the blood circulation in legs.

  • Pain relief– The rubber kneading pads effectively massage the ankle and calf at the same time providing pain relief to the full leg.

  • Heel pain– The reflexology and acupressure massage is given to the sole and heel by this massager helps in providing relief in heel pain problem commonly known as plantar fasciitis.

  • Shiatsu massage– The kneading pads of the massager provide a shiatsu massage to the calves and help in regulating the nervous system of the legs, blood circulation. This also provides relief in arthritis. It acts as a stress reliever for the legs.

Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India JSB HF05 Features

The JSBHF05 Ultra foot massager is a leg, foot and calf massager that provides relief from various kinds of leg pains and aches that occur temporarily or are chronic. It has some unique features that make it not only easy to use but differentiate it from the other foot massagers.

  • Its individual massage modes for foot and calf helps it to tackle the problem area effectively. You can select the mode you want depending on the pain area.

  • There are three modes of kneading and three modes of vibration features to choose from. The user can start from the first level and gradually increase it even during the massage.

  • Its infrared heating feature at the foot toe area provides warmth to the legs

  • There are reflexology vibration plates on the sole section

  • The foot rollers also provide an acupressure massage to the legs.

  • Its vibration mode sends gentle vibrating waves to the leg which helps in pain relief

  • The kneading functionality of this massager helps provide pain relief to the calf muscles.

  • These kneading pads give a shiatsu massage to the calves

  • The LED control panel gives the massager a smart look and makes it easy for the user to select the modes and see the current setting of the massager

  • The massager is powered by 4 motors

  • The leg massager can recline up to 45 degrees  and can be used while sitting or in a reclining posture

  • The 15 minutes auto off feature turns off the machine

  • It can be used by user up to 5’6″ height

Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India JSB HF05 Conclusion

The JSBHF05 Ultra leg, foot, and calf massager is not only needed for pain relief but it is also a massager that provides a refreshing feeling. You can get a complete leg massage in the comfort of your house and while doing your favorite activities. Leg pain has become quite a common problem today and it is not always because of a medical condition. Sometimes a high level of activity like standing for a long time or inactivity because of sitting on a chair all day in the office also causes chronic pain in legs.

The massager can be used while you are sitting comfortably on a chair. You can select the type of massage you want and for which part of your leg. JSB provides a doorstep service to its customers and also provide on-site service for its products. The after-sale service of JSB is as efficient and pro-active as the sales team. So this concludes the topic for Foot & Calf Ultra Leg Massager India JSB HF05.

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