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Massage Vibration Machine JSB HF139 with Vibration and Heat

Rs. 3,650.00 Rs. 1,499.00
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massage vibration machine jsb hf139

Massage Vibration Machine JSB HF139 with Vibration and Heat

Rs. 3,650.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Product description

About Massage Vibration Machine JSB HF139  

Massage vibration Machine for Pain Relief JSB HF139 is a compact and lightweight handheld massage vibration machine which can help overcome muscle stiffness and pain in a short time.

    Benefits of JSB HF139 Massage Vibration Machine for Pain Relief 

    • Infrared Body Massage Vibration Machine for Pain Relief  with Vibration and Heat for Pain Relief
    • Can be used for Back Massage, Neck Massage, Foot Massage & Other Muscular Pains
    • Long Handle especially for back massage ; Low Power Consumption
    • Massage Vibration machine with Heat for best results ; Ideal for Use in Muscular Pains, Cramps, Areas of Low Blood Circulation ; Do Not Use on Bones or Joints
    • 1 Year JSB National Warranty


    Vibration and Heat for Pain Relief

    SPN-BFC Infrared Body Massager

    JSB HF139 Infrared Body Massage Vibration Machine


    With the JSB HF139 Massage Vibration Machine for Pain Relief in Neck, Shoulder, Back, Thigh, Calf & Foot with Vibration and Infrared Heat, you could experience a soothing massage designed with a therapeutic approach to bring relief to every tired and aching part of your body. 

    SPN-BFC Infrared Body Massager


    This full body massage vibration machine with heat is a hand held massager for pain relief, which offers versatile functions that are capable of relaxing your body. Integrated with a Massage Intensity Controller, this massager comes with different intensity levels. You have the freedom to choose the desired massage intensity.

    The body massage machine is really effective when you want to massage soft muscle tissues. The JSB body massager for women and men is lightweight and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

    SPN-BFC Infrared Body Massager

    Technical Specification :
    Model  : JSB HF139
    Material : ABS
    Power Source : Coded Electric
    Product Benefit : Pain Relief  , Blood Flow Control
    Style : Contemporary
    Item Dimensions LxWxH ‏ : ‎ 10.9 x 14.8 x 45 Centimeters
    Weight : 800 gm 


    Product reviews

    Q) Is the massage vibration machine effective as infrared light therapy lamp ? Coz lamp is big & gives powerful infrared light emissions from a bigger surface area?

    A) Yes infra red is really effective for blood circulation.. 

    Q) Continue how many minutes can we use the massage vibration machine with infrared ?
    A) 15-20 minutes are sufficient .

    Q) Is it used over chorded wire?
    A) Yes, this massage vibration machine works on electricity.
    Q) Do we get separate infrared attachment as shown in the video ?
    A) It comes inbuild. There is no separate attachment

    Q) Can we switch off the heat thing when not needed?
    A) It has got infrared heat, which is very soothing and can not be felt, it enhances blood circulation.
    Q) Can it be used in head??
    A) We do not suggest to use the JSB HF139 massage vibration machine on head, as its vibrations are too strong for the head. For head, you need something softer like JSB HF135 or JSB HF165.
    Q) Which one is infrared connector?
    A) The massage vibration machine comes with inbuilt infrared feature.