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Magnetic Vibration Body Massager JSB HF56

Rs. 2,950.00 Rs. 699.00
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magnetic body vibration massager

Magnetic Vibration Body Massager JSB HF56

Rs. 2,950.00 Rs. 699.00
Magnetic for Smooth Cycling

Magnetic Body Vibration Massager

The combination of vibration and magnetic massage is just perfect to see off nagging pains. That is what this JSB magnetic body vibration massager does. It is pocket sized and very handy and portable.

Quick Launch

Relief from Headache & Migraine

The magnetic body vibration massager provides stress relief through temple massage which relaxes and calms the tensed muscles.

Ideally Suited for Homes or Offices

Runs on One AA Battery

With Long Battery Life and Powerful Vibration, this magnetic body vibration massager is a portable and easy to carry handy tool. Don’t underestimate its size : Its Vibrations will Surprise You.

Multiple Uses of the Massager

Pain Relief Any Time Any Where

Pocket size pain relief device, this magnetic body vibration massager is a go to tool, when you are are suffering from niggling neck and back pains during travel or even in office.

Two Vibration Speed with Timer

Under Eye Beauty Massager

Use this magnetic body vibration massager daily before bed to relax and induce better sleep patterns. Your very own beauty massager which is easy on pocket as well.

JSB Service Promise

Tighten Facial Skin

This small magnetic body vibration massager can prove quite beneficial when it comes to removing facial lines and wrinkles. It helps promote blood circulation and tighten facial skin, by preventing sagging.

Product description

About Magnetic Body Vibration Massager JSB HF56 

The JSB HF56 Magnetic Body Vibration Massager is a unique, compact yet effective massager which runs on vibratory technology to provide deep muscle penetration and the magnetic head of the massager provides a therapeutic effect.

magnetic body massager

The magnetic body vibration massager is a one button push massager, so when you press the grey colour button at the rear end, the massager will provide vibratory massage at the magnetic head.

point pressure massager

Technical Specification:
Model: JSB HF56
Material: ABS with magnetic head
Power Source: Battery Powered
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 100 Grams
Dimensions : 16.4 x 9.4 x 5.6 cm

Product reviews

Q1) What is a JSB HF56 Magnetic Body Vibration Massager ?

A1) JSB HF56 Magnetic Body Vibration Massager for Pain Relief is a unique, compact yet effective handheld massager vibrator which runs on vibratory massager technology to provide deep muscle penetration and the magnetic head of the massager provides a therapeutic effect.

Q2) What is the warranty on the JSB HF56 Magnetic Body Vibration Massager ?

 A2) All JSB products come with a standard 1 Year On Site Warranty with the option to buy extendable warranty from the brand.

Q3) How do we replace the battery ?How to use ?

A3) Just twist the back grey battery cover and you will see the battery. Simply remove the old AA battery (pencil cell) with a new one. You can use it by simple process  insert battery in it, press the grey cap from top to turn it on and use it for the massage.

Q4 How long does the battery last? Can this be used on face as well? 

A4) The battery life is 40-60 hours of continuous usage. Yes, it can be used on face as well, but only on skin area, not on bones.( You can use it on any muscle, not on bones.)

Q5) Can we use head massage by this ?

A5) Yes, you can do temple massage with this, but do not massage hard bones orjoints with any massager.

Q6) Do the button needs to be pressed continuously ?

A6) No, the on-off button is at the top. single touch on-off button. No need to be pressed continuously.

Q7) Can it be used over scalp area?

A7) Yes, it can be used over scalps.  

Q8) It can be used for male body massaging ?

A8) It is a strong vibration massager ideal for pain relief.  

Q9 Can we wash or rinse it with soap or any other disinfectants ?

A9) You can use wet cloth to clean the tip of the product. Make sure water does not enter the battery compartment or else the product will stop working.  

Q10) Can this product be used to stimulate acupunture points ?

A10) Yes. It can be.  

Q11) Have severe pain below left side rib cage - all reports normal -does this massager can be used below left rib cage and stomach areas?

A11) Yes, it is effective in muscular pain relief, as it has magnetic + gentle vibratory massage. It should help you.

Q12) Do I get free doorstep delivery ? Where is it manufactured? 

A12) We deliver all products to pan India serviceable pin codes free of cost.It is assembled in New Delhi.

 Q13) What are its benefits ? 

A13) This jsb body massager is very effective as a temple massager and can be efficient tool to fight migraine and chronic head aches. It is effective for muscle relaxation, pain relief, improve blood circulation, facial skin tightening, activate accupressure points, improvement in dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Q14) What are the return and replacement policies ?

A14) If you receive the product in broken or damage condition then kindly intimate us on our customer care 8010402110 Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm within 3 days of receiving the product. We will arrange the pick up and replacement. In case you do not like the product and want to return it. You need to courier the product to our New Delhi address within 7 days of purchase at your own expense. Note -Return courier charge is to be borne by customer. We will only refund the product value.