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JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt with Oscillation, Heat & Roller

JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt with Oscillation, Heat & Roller

Rs. 5,850.00 Rs. 2,999.00
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 slimming belt women men

JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt with Oscillation, Heat & Roller

Rs. 5,850.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Product description

About JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt 

People have sagging skin from belly, thighs & hips !! And they are the only ones who can understand that much pain and struggle they are having because of it. Clothes don't fit them, they can't eat their favourite food and much more. Because of this fat the body loosen muscles start paining time by time which slows down the pace of your life.
You are unable to run because your body can't take that much of a struggle. Many of you have observed that fatigue decides your day's routine, don't you? Here your body needs some attention and care. We know all can't make up to the gym on the daily basics but somehow they adjust. But there are people who have such routines that they really can't make up for going to the gym and even to do workout.
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Benefits of JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt

Here the JSB HEALTHCARE has something really exciting and working for you. JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt
  • It is really very easy to work with and reduce your fat at home without giving any extra effort. Although it can be made up in a fun way to shake off the extra fat from your body.
  • The JSB HF59 is very effective in muscle pain relief. Where it also stimulates the digestive system & helps you in weight loss. It has the extra long belt to fit to any waist size where you just have to adjust it to get a better massage.
  • It not only covers your waist, it is also helpful for your tummy, butts, back, thighs and arms which helps them to lose the sagging fat or can be used over there for massage altogether.
  • The JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt has the vibration massage, oscillation massage, infrared heat & roller massage feature which works on your body fat and for the muscles pain.
  • The JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt contains customised massage modes & speed for you so you can select the modes and speed according to your preference and convenience. 
slimming muscle toning belt

Helps Promote Fat Burning & Muscle Tightening

The slimming muscle toning belt is best for both men and women. If you looking to burn fat, then using it for the regular basis can help in toning. Comprising of vibration, oscillation and heating the belt is ideal for waist size up to 40".

oscillatory massage

Oscillatory Massage

The oscillatory massage involves working on the muscle fat of the body and stressing out the muscular tension. This massage further helps in blood circulation and increase in energy level and metabolism. You can use this belt for tummy, hips, waist and thighs.

slimming masssage belt helps improve metabolism

Helps Improve Metabolism

You can use this oscillatory slimming massager belt to do exercise at home. This helps in increasing energy level and metabolism and further helps to decrease fat level. A good metabolism helps in overall better organ function.

slimming massage belt improve blood circulation

Helpful in Improving Blood Circulation

An improved blood circulation can help in having healthy lifestyle. The slimming massage belt can help in pain relief and further improves blood circulation. The extendable belt can fit to any waist. So if you have blood circulation issue, this slimming massage belt will help.

slimming size belt with belt

Free Size Extra Long Belt

The slimming size belt can fit to any waist. If you have low size or large size waist, the belt will fit into the waist easily. You can use it on your arms, belly, hips and back with ease. The free size extra-long belt features makes the use easy and handy. It has four modes, 3 speeds and fits up to 40-size waist.

jsb service warranty

JSB Service Promise

We at JSB understand that when you buy a massager for your loved ones, you want it last for years. That is why, we have doorstep engineer visit facility in all metro cities and nearby towns. In non-metro cities, we provide free pick up and drop service for service of products.

Technical Specification :
Model No : HF59
Material : Polycarbonate
Power Source : Corded Electric
Product Benefits : Fat Removal
Special Feature : Heat , Speed , control
Weight : 400g
Dimension :9.6 x 23.4 x 30.8 Centimeters


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) :

Q1)What is Slimming Massage Belt ??
A1)Slimming Massage Belt helps you in muscle toning without going to the gym by providing a professional oscillating massage with heat to not only help you stay fit but also relieve stress, improve physical condition, promote digestion. The waist slimming belt for weight loss works on vibration + oscillation + heating methods and has got various modes and speeds to adjust to different body needs. The slimming belt massager comes with an extendable belt makes it fit for every waist. You can use it on your waist to burn extra fat.

Q2) What is the warranty on the JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt ?

A2) All JSB products come with a standard 1 Year On Site Warranty with the option to buy extendable warranty from the brand.

Q3) Do I get free doorstep delivery ?
A3) We deliver all products to pan India serviceable pin codes free of cost. 

Q4) Where is it manufactured ?
A4) It is assembled in New Delhi. 
Q5) Do we gain weight after stop using it ?
A5)No you won't gain weight after using it. Gaining weight only depends on the diet you take so please take care of your diet along with it's usage. 
Q6)Is it with extension belt for any size ?
A6) The belt will fit up to 46 waist.

Q7) What are the return and replacement policies ?

A7) If you receive the product in broken or damage condition then kindly intimate us on our customer care 8010402110 Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm within 3 days of receiving the product. We will arrange the pick up and replacement.

In case you do not like the product and want to return it. You need to courier the product to our New Delhi address within 7 days of purchase at your own expense. Note -Return courier charge is to be borne by customer. We will only refund the product value.

Conclusion of JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt 
The JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt WITH HEAT & BODY FAT MONITOR works for your muscles toning, gives you full body relaxation, and helps you in pain relief. It can be used by both men and women. Using it on a regular basis can help you in toning better. There are different selective buttons for you to select the roller, vibration, heat or auto function button. The JSB HF59 Slimming Massage Belt can be used on your back waist, tummy, thigh and leg. The product has an extra belt to fit any waist size of the user. It has been made up with ergonomic design. The rollers work with the soothing warmth heat which helps in burning fat, improves lumbar strain and relaxes the stiff muscles.

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