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JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Heavy Duty Zero Gravity for Home Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth

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massage chair heavy duty zero gravity

JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Heavy Duty Zero Gravity for Home Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth

Rs. 399,000.00 Rs. 269,000.00
Product description

About JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief

We all need love and pampering from our loved ones. And when we got it we expressed it with our voice. Here our body also needs love and care and pampering when the body doesn't get the proper care, the body reacts there. It starts feeling pain in muscles, stress, numbness and much more. Those who work in a physically demanding job are moving, but the relaxation is usually too short for them. And however, it is the same who work as hard as the physically moving person do but they hardly move. Now how will you calculate the hard work of moving or hardly moving working people? Here we JSB HEALTHCARE make the best solution for you.


Our product JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief HEAVY DUTY ZERO GRAVITY FOR HOME CUSTOMIZABLE WITH HEATING, MUSIC BLUETOOTH. It's a complete solution for your body relaxation. Our chair massager has the 3D massage which helps in relieving the pain, it helps the stressed body and mind and gives the relaxation needed. Here the zero gravity chair is designed with perfection to cover all muscles aches of your body. It has the multiple massage technology which gives you the different types of massage at the moment, with it you can listen to your favorite music with Bluetooth connectivity and watch your favorite TV shows while having a massage. It's a completely home customizable full body chair massager. 

The JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief HEAVY DUTY ZERO GRAVITY FOR HOME CUSTOMIZABLE WITH HEATING MUSIC BLUETOOTH is all your complete package of relaxation. Let's have a look at its benefits and features. 

  • As you know our JSB MZ22 3D is a zero gravity massage chair. Now the question in your mind must be: what is an MZ22 3D zero gravity massage chair? Well 3D massage technology is with L track roller movement. Which starts right from the top of your neck and covers the back and ends up to the hips. 
  • It has the longest reaching rollers for the back and the hips which covers up the certain areas where you need the massage. Here in the MZ22 chair massager there are the soft rollers for the neck, back & hips with the heat which massages the spots. 
  • The JSB MZ22 full body chair massager is a combination of the various massage techniques: kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, rubbing and the vibration. 
  • In JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief has a Kneading and tapping covers from the neck, shoulder, back, lower back, and hips. Where the rubbing and the vibration work with the airbag massage on the shoulder, hands, calves, full back, thighs, legs and the feet with our heating feature. 
  • The JSB MZ22 FULL MASSAGER CHAIR has been designed according to the zero gravity space saving design. Which wont cover much space and can be used anywhere in the house or office according to your preference. 
  • In the JSB MZ22 it has the 3D kneading and rubbing massage on the Calf which releases the stressed muscles pain. With the special X twist waist massage for waist flexibility. Where it stretches the muscles and gives a massage to relieve tired muscles. 
  • Our JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief is easy to use because the chair massager has the remote controller which includes all the options in it. You just have to sit comfortably on the chair massager and control all the massage techniques on your own. 

 Benefits of JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief

  • The JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief has the auto button which starts as a default massage which has soft rollers, tapping on your lower back upwards. On the other side airbag massage will Start on the shoulders, Calf, foot and arms which helps them to release the muscles pain. 
  • The other option of pain relief is the soothing mode of the soft rollers with the heat preventing the strained muscle to open up. 
  • The stretch feature helps your stiff muscles and helps you when you are tired which occurs usually after workout.It has special massages including athletes, shopaholic,neck and shoulder, back and waist. 
  • There is the Calf Scrubbing massage with the airbags + Calf roller massage which are the unique feature of this recliner massage chair. Also the foot scraping massage gives you the benefit of foot reflexology massage.
  • You can go with the recline mode which is known as the space saving zero gravity so it would not require much space even when it is fully reclined.

 With the JSB MZ22, you can expect the following health benefits:

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Proper Foot Care
  • We Care for your Back
  • Pain Relief
  • Full Body Relaxation
3D Kneading on calf 

The 3D Kneading on the Calf gives the massage which provides relaxation to your complete body. 3D massage technology is with L track roller movement. Which starts right from the top of your neck and covers the back hips and it ends up with the Calf. It also has the Bluetooth music control & USB pen drive music sync from which you play up music while having the massage. Music is a therapy and when you're already taking the massage music makes your mind and body feel good. Which is a good example of releasing endorphins.
Zero Gravity and Effective Foot Roller Massage

Zero gravity recliner massager features are made up according to the space saving features which will not take much space even if it is in the recliner mode. The chair massager MZ22 has an effective foot rollers massage that helps those who have pain in their feet while having a rough day. The soft roller with the soothing heat helps the feet to release its pain and your feet will feel good and healthy. 

Full Body Airbags , Roller and Heat Massage 

The JSB MZ22 has a good heat conduct which effectively works with the rollers, airbags, kneading, tapping. Heat is known as the natural process which releases the pain of the muscles. Our massager chair gives a good heat with the various massage techniques. In JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief it has the full body airbags and the rollers. The airbag massage is well known and it feels like you are taking a human-like massage at home. The airbag covers the shoulder, hand, calf and the leg. Where the rollers work great for the people who are having cervical pain or having natural muscle pain and helps in blood circulation

The JSB MZ22 Heavy Duty Full Body 3D Massage Chair Pain Relief is the answer to all your relaxation needs. The Zero Gravity Recliner includes 3D kneading on calf as well as a super relaxing foot roller massage.

Technical Specifications : 
Model : JSB MZ22
Series: Premium
Power Consumption : 200W
2D/3D/4D : 3D 
Back Roller Movement : SL Shape
Space Saving : Yes
Kneading/Tapping Rollers: Yes/Yes
Shoulder & Arm Airbags : Yes
Stretching : Yes
Bluetooth Music : Yes
Interactive Remote : Yes
Zero Gravity : Yes
Add on Features: Heavy Duty Frame, Relaxing massage  3D kneading on calves, Soothing Heat
Dimensions : 58.8”L X 29.8”W X 37.6”H (Packed)
Dimensions : 63"L X 32"W X 49"H (installed)
Full Recline: 68 inches


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) :

Q1) What is a massage chair for home ?
A1) A Massage Chair Pain Relief Heavy Duty for Home is a full fledged all in one full body massage chair which you can use for destressing or relaxing your tired muscles. The full body massager is equipped with 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage on Calf massager machine electric is specially designed to work on those areas which are hard to reach. The Soft Rollers for neck, back & hips massage with Heat , airbag massage on shoulder, hands, calves and feet. It comes with special X-twist waist massage for waist flexibility and stretching massage to relieve Tired muscles.

Q2) What is the warranty on the JSB MZ22 Massage Chair for Home ?
A2) All JSB Massage Chairs come with a standard 3 Year On Site Warranty including one Year comprehensive warranty and 2 Years Service warranty and the option to buy extendable warranty from the brand.

Q3) Do I get free doorstep delivery and installation?
A3) We deliver all products to pan India serviceable pin codes free of cost. JSB engineers help you to install the product and assist you in case you need further support. 

Conclusion of JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief

The JSB MZ22 MASSAGE CHAIR HEAVY DUTY ZERO GRAVITY FOR HOME CUSTOMIZABLE WITH HEATING MUSIC BLUETOOTH it's like all in one you have at your home. Working people are not just those in the office. But the working homemade people are also known as the working person. Here the chair massager is just for them. Workload of the physically Demanding jobs and the workload of staying at the place are the same. Here your mental and physical health affects the most. Here JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Pain Relief helps them out, it has the 3D kneading, tapping, knock, scraping, vibration, airbags, rollers and the heat. Which works altogether for your full body relaxation. Including these it has the music Bluetooth and USB sync, as the muscles include the best therapy for your physical and mental health. Problems in the body like stressed muscles, cervical pains which affect your body and feel like not working anymore. You don't need to go to have a human massage daily and so it is not possible also. There are different benefits of a massage, for which one invests in a good 4D Massage Chair.  Here JSB MZ22 is already for you anytime according to your preference without depending on anyone. You have the massage to relax your body and you will feel like starting all over again.


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