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Leatherite Surface Knee Pain Relief Heating Pad
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JSB BS61 Knee Cap with JSB H11 Knee Heating Pad combo - JSB Healthcare
JSB BS61 Knee Cap with JSB H11 Knee Heating Pad combo - JSB Healthcare

Knee Cap JSB BS61 with Knee Heating Pad JSB H11 combo

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Magnetic for Smooth Cycling

4 way Stretchable Knee Cap

This JSB Elastic Knee Cap is four ways elastic allows easy contour on any knee shape. The breathable material and ideal compression allows having easy stretching workout daily. You can use it for indoor and outdoor workout session. Perfect for Sports, Knee Exercise, To Prevent Jerk to Knee, Knee Joint Pain, etc.

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For Sports & Gymming

If you are into sports or regular gaming then the stretchable knee cap can help you to have easy mobility. The sports purpose gym knee support can help for stretching workout easily. It will help in preventing knee join pain and knee jerk during the workout.

Ideally Suited for Homes or Offices

Joint Pain Knee Cap

The joint pain knee cap is designed with perfect elasticity and is ideal compression to support the knee joint. If you have a long history of joint knee pain, then start cover your pain with it for instant relief.

Multiple Uses of the Massager

Easy to Wear & Washable

You will not face any issues while wearing the stretchable kneecap. It provides compression to knee. This washable kneecap can be washed in cold water. You can shade dry on flat surface.

Two Vibration Speed with Timer

Breathable Fabric

The breathable fabric allows exercising at home and offers regular blood circulation. The knee cap can help in protecting against cold and provide ideal compression to knee. Therefore, once it is on your knee, you will enjoy easy workout session.

JSB Service Promise

Available Sizes

The extra wide coverage JSB stretchable kneecap comes in different sizes. The available sizes are- Small 12.4" to 14.0" (31.0 to 35.0 cm): Medium 14.0" to 15.6" (35.0 to 39.0 cm): Large 15.6" to 17.2" (39.0 to 43.0 cm): X Large 17.2" to 18.8" (43.0 to 47.0 cm)

Product description

About Knee Cap JSB BS61 with Knee Heating Pad JSB H11 (Combo) 

Now a days knee pain is not only the problem of old ones but teens are also suffering from knee pain this is happens because of poor flexibility of the thigh muscles, which support the knee joint. Knee joint is one of the most important joints in our body. JSB will take care of your knee and introduces Knee cap JSB BS61 and knee Heating Pad JSB H11  . Knee Cap will prevent knee joint pain, arthiritis, to protect against cold and provide compression to Knee in a same way knee heating pad helps you to reduce pain and soreness . It can also improve your knee's flexibility and range of motion by relaxing the surrounding muscles before you stretch or begin an activity.
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