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Pain Relief Foot Massager Machine India

Pain Relief Foot Massager Machine India


Learn how to get relief from Foot pain

The human body works tirelessly all day without catching a break.  It needs to relax and be taken care of just like any other machine. One of the ways to do it is by massaging our joints, leg and hands and the JSB HF28 leg foot and hand massager is just what you need for all your joint pain solutions. Its innovative and flexible design is completely user-friendly and provides relief from problems like hand and foot pain, pain in calves, varicose veins, pain due to inactivity or due to long-standing hours, and lack of blood circulation.

The massager provides diabetic foot neuropathy and relief from swelling in legs, numbness in legs, heel pain, and pain in thighs. The massager has multiple uses and can be used for feet, calves, and arms. It works on both hands and feet, providing relief from all joint and muscle pains and can be used by any member of the family. Read more about Pain Relief Foot Massager Machine India

Pain Relief Foot Massager Machine India Solutions

The JSB HF28 leg, foot, and hand massager provides a comprehensive solution to the aches and pains that you and the elderly members of your family experience.

  • Reflexology massage – The scraping rollers and the vibration feature in the sole area give a reflexology massage to the sole, heel, calf and arms
  • Kneading massage– The massager has a kneading massage feature that provides massage to the muscles from all sides, improving blood circulation. Kneading is a massage technique whereby the therapist applies pressure with their fingers to relieve stress in muscles when done manually. This releases muscle tension and gives relief from chronic muscle aches. The rubber kneading pads press against your muscles to relax them.
  • Acupoint Massage– The massager provides acupressure massage to the sole which provides relief from leg pain. By working on specific points in the sole, the massager works on the full leg effectively.
  • Facilitates blood circulation– JSB HF28 leg, foot, and hand massager enhances blood circulation in the legs and hands which work as a cure for a lot of medical ailments. It provides relief from problems like varicose veins, foot pain, hand pain, calf pain, arthritis, diabetes, and knee pain by regulating the blood flow in the legs.
  • Shiatsu massage– The kneading pads of the massager provide a shiatsu massage and help in regulating the nervous system of the legs and the blood circulation. It acts as a stress reliever for the legs and hands.


  • It has an innovative design and it is a multipurpose massager that can be used to massage both hands and legs. You can work on your heel, sole, calf and hands by changing your position. You can sit on the chair to use it on your heels. By lying down on your back the massager can be used on your calf. The massager works on your arms if you lie down on your stomach.
  • The same massager can be used for all your joints and it is free size so it can be used by anyone in the family
  • The massager is user-friendly and very easy to operate. With its customization features, users can select their massage mode and the body part they wish to massage while sitting comfortably on a chair or lying on the bed. You can do any activity of your choice while sitting and let the massager work on your sole.
  • The massager comes with a removable and washable cover that can be cleaned easily after use and maintains hygiene
  • This massager model from JSB is very light and can be carried very easily from one place to another.
  • The massager is low on power consumption as it uses  only 40W AC
  • The 15 minutes auto off feature turns off the machine when not in use
  • The massager is very compact and can be stored easily in a small space. You can easily slide under your bed or a table.
  •  Doorstep service and on-site service is available for the massager

Pain Relief Foot Massager Machine India Conclusion

The JSB HF28 leg, foot, and hand massager is what you need as the complete solution to the leg and hand pain problems of everyone in the family. Pain caused by medical problems like varicose veins, arthritis, plantar fasciitis or diabetes can be reduced greatly by using this massager that works on your full arm and all parts of your leg right from thighs and knees to the ankle and heel.

  A massage from this multipurpose hand and leg massager gives you a refreshing feeling. It gives stress relief to your strained muscles and rejuvenates the body. Its kneading massage combined with its vibration and foot rollers provides pain relief in the comfort of your house. JSB provides a doorstep service to its customers and also provide on-site service for its products. The after-sale service team of JSB is as efficient and pro-active as the sales team, providing excellent service to customers. So this concludes the topic for Pain Relief Foot Massager Machine India

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