Pain Relaxation Auto-Rollers Foot Spa Massager India

Pain Relaxation Auto-Rollers Foot Spa Massager India

by JSB Healthcare on Dec 13, 2021

Pain Relaxation Auto-Rollers Foot Spa Massager India

Learn how to get relief from Pain 

Foot Spa Massagers have been around for years and have been a favourite herbal therapy in traditional medicine. With minimum effort, you can relax your feet and enjoy a splendid massage.

Pain Relaxation Auto-Rollers Foot Spa Massager India FEATURES :

 -With Heat, Vibration and Bubble Massage.

This foot spa massager heats the water in the tub to give you a relaxing experience. The gentle vibration gives you a soothing and rejuvenating effect and the bubble massage is an icing on the cake. It will remind of a Jacuzzi and the air bubbles will tickle and pamper your feet like none other.

With Auto-reflexology rollers for a comfortable foot massage.

This massager is not just a luxury foot bath, but it has got science behind it. Our foot has several acupressure points and these control our body’s various functions. By using the auto reflexology rollers of this massager, you will not only increase blood circulation in your feet but also feel healthy and energized. Traditional foot spa massagers would have rollers which you would have to move with your own feet. But this product lets you relax while you enjoy your foot massage.

-With Easy Portability Handle.

This foot massager comes with a easy to carry handle so that you would never have to go through the pain of carrying buckets of water to your foot spa machine. Also, filling and emptying your JSB HF37 is really easy.

-With Temperature Control and LCD display.

We know you want to customize your foot massage and that is why, we built a product with temperature control. You can now set the temperature that you want the water to heat upto. The LCD display will assist you in choosing the right temperature and mode.

-With 4 Pedicure attachments.

The pedicure attachments will help you utilize this foot spa massager to the maximum. It will take care of your pedicure requirements like scrubbing, polishing, filing, etc.

-With Deep Tub for more water capacity.

We know you don’t want to restrict your foot spa to only your feet, so we built a deeper tub for more water capacity and thus you can massage your foot, ankle and some part of calves as well.


Thus, JSB HF37 Super Deluxe Foot Spa Massagers with auto-roller and LCD is a luxury way to de-stress yourself, So this the topic for Pain Relaxation Auto-Rollers Foot Spa Massager India