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Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?

Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?


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Men get prostate cancer more often than any other cancer, except for skin cancer. Luckily, it can often be treated with great results using Prostadine if caught early. So let us read more about Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?

Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?

So, Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?

Researchers still don't know everything about what causes prostate cancer. But they have concluded that some risk factors could turn healthy prostate cells into cancer cells. A risk factor refers to anything that makes it more likely that you will get a serious illness.

 Risk factors for prostate cancer

 Some things that might make you more likely to get prostate cancer are:

  • A higher chance after age 50
  • A legacy of prostate cancer in the family
  • Obesity Race, especially since studies have demonstrated that African-American men are most likely to be overweight.

So as per this Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health? article, Despite what some people think, having sex often does not put you at risk of getting prostate cancer. On the National Cancer Institute site, we can read the following: A lot of research has been done to see if drinking alcohol makes you more likely to get other types of cancer. More and more evidence suggests drinking alcohol makes you more likely to get melanoma, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.

So as guided in this Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health? article, Medical experts have criticized the scientific data published so far. There is some evidence that drinking alcohol can make you more likely to get cancer, but it is not always clear. Men who drink a lot and have been told they have prostate cancer may feel worse because of their drinking.

How alcohol affects prostate cancer symptoms

The signs of prostate cancer may not show up until the disease is in a more advanced stage. At first, they are often the same as those of a swollen prostate. Some of these are:

 Many trips to the bathroom, especially at night (also known as nocturia).

  • It's hard to urinate, and when the stream starts, it's painful.
  • Blood is inside the urine (hematuria) or sperm, and ejaculating hurts.
  • Cancer that has already spread can cause deep discomfort in the lower back, hips, or pelvis.

So considering this Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health? article, Alcohol can make users urinate more so than usual if they drink too much of it. When you drink a lot, it can also be hard to get or keep an erection. Alcohol also directly affects the neck of the bladder, making it smaller and harder to empty. This makes any symptoms worse.

Some signs may be the same as benign prostate hyperplasia, or BPH, which is an enlarged prostate. Medical tests can tell if there is cancer or if it is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) that is not cancerous and is not known to turn into cancer. Even if you have been told you have BPH, experts agree that you should limit how much alcohol you drink.

Can someone with prostate cancer safely drink alcohol?

So according to this Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health? article, Several things affect whether or not it is safe to drink alcohol after being told you have prostate cancer. Some of these are how far along the cancer is and how much alcohol is being drunk. Most cases of prostate cancer develop slowly, and doctors agree that a moderate amount of alcohol per day is fine.

But if cancer has gotten bad enough that treatment is needed, it's not a good idea to drink alcohol. This is because it can make some medicines and treatments, like chemotherapy, work less well. Alcohol can sometimes make the side effects of chemotherapy worse.

Before consuming alcohol while getting chemo, think about a few things. These things are: 

  • The body loses water when it drinks alcohol. So, drinking could dehydrate you if chemotherapy makes you lose water.
  • When someone gets chemo, they often get mouth sores. Alcohol can make the sores worse and hurt more.
  • The main side effects of chemotherapy are feeling sick and throwing up. Alcohol can make the stomach swell up and make these symptoms worse.
  • Chemotherapy makes a person's hands and feet feel tingly and hot.
  • It is known that drinking too much alcohol over time hurts the nerve endings in your hands and feet. It also makes the damage that chemotherapy does worse.
  • Because both chemo drugs and alcoholic beverages are broken down by the same enzymes that get rid of toxins, your liver may not work as well. This can cause a lot of trouble, especially for people with liver problems.
  • While getting chemotherapy, if you are taking other drugs such as antidepressants, painkillers, sleeping pills, or anti-nausea drugs, drinking alcohol could make your side effects worse.
  • Radiation therapy makes people feel tired. Also, drinking alcohol will make you feel even more tired.

If you are getting chemo for prostate cancer, it is important to know that drinking alcohol will make your treatment less effective.

More problems involving cancer and drinking

Studies have demonstrated that alcohol can make it hard to sleep, and it has also been linked to people with cancer having a lower quality of life. Getting enough sleep is important for your health, whether in remission or getting treatment.

After being told they have cancer, many people are very upset and may even fall into a deep depression as they try to deal with the news. Alcohol is known to make people feel down and may make them even worse. Studies have shown that the rate of suicide among people with cancer is highest right after they are diagnosed or while getting treatment.

You might feel anxious if you've been told you have prostate cancer. This can create your blood pressure to go up. If you drink to forget your problems, it will only make things worse. Bring down your numbers by giving up alcohol or drinking much less.

In addition to giving up alcohol, the best way to stay healthy and get well is to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Researchers have found that men who intake a lot of high-fat red meat and dairy products are more likely to get prostate cancer than men who don't.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Unfortunately, problems with the prostate can come up and make things harder. Most of the time, these problems start with an enlarged prostate, which squeezes the urethra and makes it hard to pass urine. As the swelling worsens, the bladder will be unable to empty properly, so you'll always have to go to the bathroom, even if it's just a little bit at a time.

This condition, which is not cancer, is called benign prostate hyperplasia. But the signs of both BPH and prostate cancer are very similar, so it's easy to confuse them. BPH is not dangerous to your life, but cancer might be. In either case, you need medical help and tests to determine if you have cancer.


Prostatitis is the other thing that can cause an enlarged prostate. Prostatitis is an infection that causes the prostate gland to swell and get red and swollen. Most of the time, the infection starts when bacteria from the bladder leak into the prostate through the urine.

The signs include:

  • Soreness in the lower abdomen.
  • Pain while urinating.
  • Some flu-like symptoms are chills and body aches and pains.

Conclusion - Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?

Antibiotics are a good way to treat prostatitis. Antibiotics fight infections, reduce swelling, and help with flu-like symptoms in a good way. It's not the end of the world if you find out you have prostate cancer. Nor is it the conclusion of your sexual life, as some people might try to convince you. Remember that early detection and not ignoring symptoms, no matter how small, are the keys to success. So this concludes the topic for Does Alcohol Affect Prostate Health?

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